Running Thoughts

So while out for my run today, I found myself getting bored. I used to get really bored on runs years ago (I also used to run exclusively on the treadmill, so that’s probably correlated). But since I’ve started actually running- granted that was in about September of this year- I haven’t really found myself getting bored at all. I’ve been miserable, sure, but not usually bored.

Today, however, I ran a favorite loop of mine three times so I could make it to four miles, and I got so bored. And thus the idea for this post:

Things I think about while running:

  • My novel (it’s National Novel Writing Month, people!)
  • What I’m going to eat after my run
  • Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, and all the makeup products she must have
  • Homework/essays I need to do
  • Blog posts
  • Whether or not my mom will buy me cool running gear when I go home for Christmas break
  • How I’m going to be able to run 7-8 miles outside in a Massachusetts winter
  • Wondering if I should invest in a one month gym membership so I don’t have to brave a Northeastern winter
  • What Taylor Swift is probably doing at this exact moment

If a run is really bad, I will also take Mindy Kaling’s advice from her autobiography (which is a hysterical read, by the way) and think up a revenge fantasy while running. That’s always a good way to get through a run.


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