Running in the Rain

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you see someone running in the rain, they are either crazy or training for something. I, potentially, am both.

This morning was a balmy 45 degrees (shorts weather!). It was also a torrential downpour. I have made it my mission to have no excuses during training: not for cold weather, a lack of time in the day, or even for lots and lots of rain.

When I saw the downpour, I thought about just going to the gym, but I haven’t used a treadmill at all to train yet, and it was warm outside, so I just started running.

Everyone I passed was bundled up, toting umbrellas. I got a mixture of looks that ranged from sympathetic to questioning my sanity. And somehow that’s really motivating to me. I’m super competitive, so knowing that I was more hardcore than all these people walking to class gave me a great energy boost, and my first half mile was my fastest yet. I also felt like I had to prove my legitimacy to them, like hey, I’m a real runner who runs fast and in the rain and such.

Ten minutes into the run, the rain had let up into a drizzle. I jammed out to Taylor Swift’s “1989” and it ended up being a nice run; altogether cool and refreshing. See? I told you I might be crazy…


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