My First Running Injury

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I’m so incredibly frustrated. My foot is still bothering me, despite all the ice bottle rolling, stretching, and tape in the world.

Haley is with me at my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving, and we’re running together. Yesterday I pushed through my irksome foot pain and ran 5.6 miles (it was a 5 mile day, but it was such a good temperature outsideĀ and we were on a deserted golf course, so we went a bit further).

My foot aside, I felt so great on that run! Maybe it was because of fewer, shorter hills or because we were talking the whole time or because it was the perfect temperature for running or because I’m more in shape, but those five miles flew by. Actually, though! Besides a bit of foot pain, I felt great during and after the run!

Since today is such a beautiful day and we had such a good run yesterday, I really wanted to run today. But we left for our run and my foot was already hurting before we even hit a half mile so I decided that since I have to go five more miles tomorrow, I probably shouldn’t push it today.

Throughout my childhood of various sports, I always hoped for a small injury so I could sit out and just watch and maybe be that cool girl on the sidelines with an ace bandage. As I mentioned in a previous post, I never understood how people were upset by an injury: now I know.

I just want to run! I’ve never actually wanted to run in my life, so this is quite significant. And it really REALLY bothers me that I can’t.

… Anyone have some quick-healing tips?


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