Running Gear Haul


As I covered briefly in this post, Black Friday shopping is not really my thing.  I don’t like crowds and lines and people going crazy over half priced TVs, so I usually steer clear (Cyber Monday, though, that’s up my alley).  Also, having (very briefly) worked in retail, I just genuinely feel bad for the employees.

But since we were going out anyway for new shoes,  we did end up detouring a bit. Besides one skirt and a case for my new phone, though, I still stuck to the theme of running stuff.


These socks were actually a gift from Haley in honor of being kind of an official runner (with all the shoe problems and such). She bought me my first pair of really nice, legit running socks! I’m maybe too excited about socks.

IMG_7447 I bought these myself from Marshalls. They actually weren’t on any kind of Black Friday sale… but I got two pairs of Under Armour socks for $6, so I counted it as a sale.


Lastly, I bought this running sweater (jacket?) from Marshalls. Since I’m going to back in Massachusetts in less than two weeks, I decided I needed more long sleeved things. This one was $20 from Eddie Bauer and it’s super cute (which we all know is what really matters when choosing workout clothes).

Ok, so it’s mostly socks. But they’re
fancy running socks, which apparently are a thing. I used them on my last two runs and they are actually way better than my cotton ones…


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