Week 5 Check-In

I’m so late with this week’s check-in that it’s basically a week 6 one, so I’ll make it quick.

Summary: my plantar  fasciitis is mostly gone now (yay!), I got my new shoes, I ran my longest distance ever (7.20 miles!) and I am officially back home for three weeks.

Coming back home kind of makes me feel like I’m on “The Biggest Loser,” when the contestants leave the ranch and try to continue at home… So many obstacles, so few running buddies.

The search for running buddies has officially begun (pro tip: don’t lead with the fact that you’re looking for someone to run up to 8 miles with, it tends to scare people off).

Tomorrow marks my first at-home run. I switched Wednesday’s run with tomorrow’s, so I have five miles. On Wednesday, I wanted to run before my flight home, so I woke up at 6 for a 6:30 run (my last with Haley, excuse me while I cry). Getting in a run before a flight actually felt really good, but I was not about to get up any earlier than 6, so I didn’t have time for the full five miles (hence the switch).


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