Week 6 Check-In

…Is is really six weeks already??

Six weeks and we’re already past halfway to a half marathon.

This past week I ran outside in a neighboring town with lots of sidewalks and even more hills (see the picture of my long run starting point). It’s a great place to run; wide sidewalks, slow drivers, and it’s a safe and pretty area (bonus points for it being less than ten minutes from my house). I figured I would be freezing my toes off now that I’m back north, but it hasn’t even been that cold here! (here’s to hoping it stays that way).


Either these hills (plural, guys, so many hills) are not as steep as the ones I’m used to, or I’m fitter than I thought, because I didn’t struggle nearly as much as I thought I would on my long run. The first mile was pretty much all uphill, and it wasn’t a walk in the park, but it wasn’t terrible, either.

I’m still trying to wrangle some running buddies. I have one friend who is into working out and will do 2-3 miles with me, which is really nice. Unfortunately, she was gone this weekend, so I did my 7.5 miles solo.


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