Week 7 Check-In

Sunday-funday-long run day!

Today I had the pleasure of running while it was actively snowing. At some points it was actually nice and semi-refreshing, but at others it was an absolute nuisance. Eight miles is a long time to appreciate the beauty of nature…

It was my first time fueling on a run. Though they do sell “Gu” and special running fuel, runner-friend Haley told me that it’s really just sugar– something that your body can use immediately. Apparently some people use Skittles, so I didn’t feel the need to spend money on any special fuel.

We had some all-natural gummy bears in my kitchen, so I threw some of those in my pocket and left for eight miles. I had four about forty-five minutes into my run and honestly, I’m not sure it made any difference.

Though over all my run wasn’t bad, there were some very difficult (read: long and uphill) parts of my run.


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