Week 9 Check-In

The fact that we’ve been at this for more than two months seems slightly insane to me. Unfortunately, I still don’t look like Karlie Kloss (you’d think I’d be a Victoria’s Secret model by now, geeze), but I have noticed that my legs are definitely more muscular than they were when I started.

I have also realized that I know my training schedule, and more specifically, my long run mileage, better than I know the date. Ask me what day it is and I’ll have to check my phone, ask me how long my next long run is and I’m already telling you about where I plan to run it and if I’m planning on fueling.

That being said, Em and I did not do a long run this past weekend. Since we were both traveling, we only did five miles. And thank god. We ran together back at school, and after four hours of sleep, five hours of travel, a few scattered snacks and no meals (not to mention plane-induced dehydration) it was an absolutely miserable five miles.

To not mess up our schedule, we’ve decided to repeat last week and do nine miles this Sunday.

Remember how I complained about Massachusetts hills? Turns out North Carolina has some pretty bad ones too, and I somehow completely forgot that…


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