Apps I Love


I wish I could be one of those people who needs nothing but a good pair of sneakers to enjoy my run, but unfortunately that is far of the truth.

Yes, the more I run the more I like it and can find that calming, relaxing (sometimes almost meditative) state while I run… but not without help from my phone.

(All my running apps are free– because I’m cheap– but you can also purchase premium memberships)

My can’t-live-without app is Runkeeper. It tracks your pace, mileage, calories, elevation– the whole shebang. You can also set goals, as well as have it tell you your mileage, pace and time as you go. It even keeps track of PRs (which is fantastic when every Sunday is a distance and time PR…).

I recently downloaded RockMyRun, which has pre-made playlists (of everything from country to hip-hop) and you can adjust the BPM to match your pace. I used it on my run this morning and really liked it. I’m getting sick of my “Workout 3” playlist, so this is a lifesaver.

The last app is one that isn’t exactly for running, but for that ever-important (and until recently, completely ignored by Em and I) portion of half marathon training: strength workouts. Nike Training has different workouts (from 15 minutes to 45) with different timed exercises, videos to show you correct form, and even the ability to play your music through the app.

(Nike also offers a run tracking app that two of my friends use and recommend, but I’ve been using Runkeeper for years, so it’s my go-to).

While running with technology might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m a Millennial, which means I love being plugged in. After all, if you didn’t track your run, did it even happen…?

*Picture courtesy of Pinterest* 


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