In Training and On the Internet

Since picking up running, I have found that my internet history has taken an interesting turn from cat videos and Buzzfeed articles. I frequently find myself Googling things like “gritty face after running,” “correct foam rolling technique,” and “protein needed for women.”

I’ve read countless articles about running (thank you, running section of Pinterest!) and I weirdly have started to somewhat identify with marathon runners (let’s pretend my mileage for the entire week is not less than one marathon…).

While this is often helpful in gaining information, it does sometimes lend to my hypochondriac tendencies (did you know a gritty face after running means you’re losing more salt and should possibly up your sodium intake?).

I love training because I feel like an athlete again, instead of a casual gym goer. Being in training means that I’m more in tune with my body, which is fantastic, but it also means that I occasionally spend too much time trying to be the perfect runner. I read every article about “10 Things Every Runner Should Do” and “15 Mistakes Runners Make.” And, while it’s great to have information, I have also found it’s easy to be sucked down the rabbit hole– am I eating enough protein? Do I actually have to cross-train? Is my running form correct?

Probably being more into health isn’t a bad thing… unless you are my friends and family who have to listen to my incessant lectures on yoga and wheat bread vs. 100% whole wheat bread. In which case, I’m sorry guys, it’s not stopping any time soon…


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