Week 12 Check-In

Em and I have finally reach double digits! Yep, we officially have ten miles under our belts.

And, due to schedule restrictions this week, we will be running 21 miles in three days (oh boy!). To make sure we get in all our runs this week, we had to rearrange our runs; which means that we had ten miles on Sunday, five on Monday, and six on Tuesday. We take Wednesday and Thursday off and fit in a five mile run and a two mile run before Sunday-funday-long run day rolls back around (that’s 28 miles, people).

We’re definitely feeling it. Our long run was not bad, though we took it a little slower this time (averaging a 9:40 pace) but adding another five miles today was unappealing. But we did it.

My knees are definitely feeling the strain of this running streak, and I’m icing one as I type.

It’s been tough to fit in all our runs this week, but I do not plan on missing any (and I’m not letting Em miss any either). I don’t want running to be the first thing I give up when my days are long and exhausting.

When the going gets tough, the tough get running!


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