Week 13 Check-In

Last week was a challenge. Six days a week of running is a lot. But our 10.5 miles yesterday wasn’t bad (although we didn’t have time to foam roll afterwards, which was a serious bummer).

All week, whenever I mentioned that I had fit a run into our insane schedule, I got the classic “Are you serious…?” And it was always accompanied by a slightly incredulous or horrified expression.

Look, guys, if my schedule says to run 28 miles this week, I will be running 28 miles this week.

I’m a schedule-type person. It holds me accountable and keeps me on track.

Of course, there is such a thing as being too rigid, too attached to the schedule. This week it would have been 100% fine for me shave a mile or two off a run, or even skip a run. In fact, it might have been better to do so. But since I’m dedicated (read: type A), I didn’t really see that as an option.

Update: it is definitely an option (hello sore knees and aching muscles).


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