Week 14 Check-In

11 miles on Sunday was difficult: we were sore from our Friday workout, it was hot outside, and we’re running out of new places around campus to run.

Most greeted that 65 degree, sunny Sunday morning with delight. Em and I were somewhat less than enthused. We prefer it on the cold side, because when you’re doing distances it’s a way more comfortable run in 35 degree weather than in 65.

It was also apparently “everyone and their mother run” day, because we saw more people out running than we ever had before. It annoyed Em and I because we officially have a superiority complex when it comes to runners vs joggers.

In better news, we found $5 foam rollers at 5 Below, which is flat-out amazing (at Target they’re about $40). After our long run we were able to come back to my room, foam roll and stretch. Hands down the best $5 I’ve ever spent.


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