Yoga: A Runner’s Best Friend

Today we have a snow day (yay!), so I’ve decided to use this extra time to do some snow-filled yoga practicing!

Those who know me know that I have been a yoga enthusiast for a few years now. Though my ever-changing schedule dictates how often I can hit the mat, I usually go to one or two classes a week and do some poses on my own a few times a week as well.

I’ve never been particularly flexible to begin with, but since taking up running I’ve noticed that I am significantly tighter. Last semester I was able to go to class two days a week, but in the months of December and January I think I went to a total of three yoga classes. Since I’m finally getting into the flow of my spring schedule, I’ve managed to fit in one class a week.

Below are some of my favorite poses for post-run, or when I’m feeling particularly tight (shout out to my roommate/photographer!). Although not all of my yoga practices are focused on running-related stretches, they’re especially helpful at this point in the training process.

The mat I’m using is my old one (since I was outside and all), but if you’re in the market for a yoga mat, I highly recommend my “The Mat” from Lululemon; I’m in love with mine.

Note: Should go without saying, but I’m not a yoga teacher, so make sure that if you do try some of these poses, you ask a certified¬†professional and modify the pose as needed.

These are variations of pigeon pose– a fantastic hip opener
More hip openers
One legged downward dog with some variations of the runner’s lunge
Seated poses to stretch out the legs.
Seated poses to stretch out the legs
... And a few balance poses for good measure.
… And a few balance poses for good measure

I’m a firm believer in mind-body connection and I think that whether you’re spiritual or not yoga can be amazingly beneficial to your life!


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