A Great Running Buddy…

On my run today, I was thinking about what makes Em and I such great running buddies, and I’ve complied a small list. A great running buddy:

… Is supportive

When Em tripped and fell down at the end of a long run, and I just laughed at her and kept running.*

…Is Encouraging

When I tell Em that I’ve discovered yet another new running pain, she tells me to suck it up because we still have five miles that day.

… Is positive

Em and I love to complain about running. In fact, I could safely include that on a list of my top ten favorite things. The important thing, though, is that we only complain to each other; we save face and tell everyone else how much we love to run.

… Is willing to give up every Sunday for 20 weeks to eventually run 13.1 miles with you

Pretty self-explanatory. You’ve got to find that person who is just crazy enough to run hours on end with you (bonus points if you also don’t mind spending a slightly obscene amount of time with them for twenty weeks).

*Em would like it to be known that although she fell, she got right back up and finished the run.


2 thoughts on “A Great Running Buddy…

    1. I think Em and my relationship works so well because we complain about the same things, especially with all this running! And man, I wish I had thought to take a picture when Em fell, her face was priceless!


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