Week 19 Check In

So here we are. I’m late with this post (again… sorry midterms are kicking my butt) but our race is one week from yesterday!

This morning I had a great run, I felt good and ran fast. I did “death loop” which is about 4.3 miles with a 268 foot elevation, but my times were all below 9:06 (my last two miles were sub-9 minutes) so I felt pretty great!

Crazy enough, Em and I only have two runs left… a 4/5 miler and then 2 miles on Friday! I can’t believe how close we are to finishing, I won’t know what to do with myself next week… just kidding, it’s spring break so I’ll be sitting on my couch eating junk food.

t-minus six days….


2 thoughts on “Week 19 Check In

  1. Please, please, please let me know how the “run” goes. Emily never tells me anything. Still just awestruck that you both set a very large goal and are about to attain it. Girl power!


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