What Now?

So I took a little siesta from both running and blogging last week after the race.  It was a nice rest period, and now I’m ready to jump back into both!

Em and I only did one other run besides the race this week. We were sore on Monday, so we didn’t do much besides eat cookies, watch bad TV, and recklessly drive a golf cart around. In the afternoon, we managed to make ourselves walk a mile or so, to get our legs moving, but that was it. Due to travel plans and other activities, we didn’t run on Tuesday or Wednesday (even though we felt pretty much fine on Tuesday).

However, on Wednesday I found myself with a migraine, which tends to happen when I’m, not taking proper care of myself. Since being in training and running 20+ miles a week, I have only had one other migraine, and it was around taper time. Basically, running means more endorphins and less stress, and my drama-queen brain likes that. So I’m aiming to keep running about 15-20 miles a week from here on out. After my migraine on Wednesday, Em and I did an easy three miles around my neighborhood on Thursday, which was definitely a good call.

The ending of training also means that the structure of the blog is going to change (if you can call my posts before “structured”). I’ve been thinking about where I want to take the blog, and I think I want to diversify it a bit more. I plan on doing another half marathon, but due to all my upcoming plans, that might not happen for another year. I’d like to keep doing posts about running, but  I’m also studying abroad in Australia next semester and I’ll want to share travel things as well.

Always a fan of alliteration, I’ve come up with more of a structure for the blog: Makeup Mondays (covering makeup and skincare), Travel Tuesdays (we’ll see about this one, it might just appear in a few months when I’m abroad), What I Wore Wednesdays (outfit of the day, both workout and real life), and Fitness Fridays (running and workout related things). I’m not going to post for each of these days every week because I definitely do not have time for that, but hopefully this will help me keep up with blogging!


2 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. We are headed your way in two weeks. I expect to take you to lunch or something…missed you last time…and no visit for Easter :(. I do think you need a Baking with Em post every month….or Bitchy Resting Face with Em. She’s gonna kill me. Love ya baby!


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