For the past few months, I’ve been slowly falling into an obsession with one pieces. I bought my first romper last fall and have been desperately looking for a jumpsuit since then. It’s been significantly more challenging to find than a romper because jumpsuits have to fit flawlessly to actually look good.

As it turns out, my body proportions  are not conducive to jumpsuits. Either my legs are too long or my torso is too long (usually people have one of these problems, I manage to have both… and I’m not even that tall). Let me tell you, there is nothing less flattering than too-short legs or a permanent camel toe.

Jumpsuits can also get really pricey, really fast. So when I stumbled onto an on-sale, well-fitting jumpsuit at Forever 21, it quickly became mine. Did I mention it has pockets?

Untitled design (1)

I loved that it was patterned but still neutral colored, so that I could wear it alone or layer over it. The capped sleeves give the jumpsuit a vintage vibe, but the lower neckline keeps it from looking too old-fashioned. And, hello, pockets.

I paired the jumpsuit with a blue leather jacket to add some color and edge to the look, but kept it retro-inspired with a bold red lip.

Jumpsuits can be overwhelming on a person, so if you’re a newbie like me, I recommend going with a solid color or small print (prints tend to be more forgiving than a solid color).

It feels a little strange to not be talking about running on the blog, but I had fun putting this post together. What do you guys think of the look? Is anyone else as into jumpsuits as I am?


4 thoughts on “Jumpsuit

    1. I will admit that it’s not the most convenient piece of clothing I own. My romper is easier to deal with because it’s made out of a jersey fabric. But hey, you can’t beat throwing on one garment and having an entire outfit done!


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