Fitness Friday: The Running Hierarchy

I noticed a lot while running around campus for four months. Mainly, that there is a very real, very noticeable hierarchy of runners… maybe it’s just because I live on a college campus, but it’s easy to see how serious different runners are about running.

At the bottom of the totem pole are the joggers. They go out for a casual two or three miles when the weather is nice, but they don’t mind skipping a run or taking it inside to the treadmills. They think 60 degrees and sunny is perfect running weather.

Then there are the runners. They might not be sporting a jersey, but make no mistake; they are in training. They know running inside sucks your soul and that skipping runs is not an option. 40 degrees and cloudy? Perfect for a run.

At the top of the hierarchy are the university’s cross country kids. Not only are they out running early and in every kind of weather, but they basically sprint around campus while holding a conversation and not breaking a sweat. They have the best running leggings.

There’s nothing wrong with any tier, because any amount of running makes you a champ, and we can’t all be the star of the cross country team. Certainly there is a camaraderie between all runners (I have perfected the casual runners’ smile-wave combo) but I found it really interesting to see how noticeable the divide is. Makes me wonder where I fall now that I’m not longer in training…


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