Fitness Friday: Yoga + Weights

This morning my roommate and I woke up, popped in a yoga DVD, and started our day with 45 minutes of “AM yoga.” What a lovely way to kick off the weekend! It was especially nice since I couldn’t go to my Thursday yoga class this week.

I think I’ve mentioned my mat before, but I adore my Lululemon yoga mat. It’s cushiony, and I never slip in downward-facing dog (the true test of a mat).


After my class, I headed to the gym to meet a friend to do some weight training. He taught me proper form for lifting and I have a new respect for weight lifters– just lifting the bar (without any weights) with proper form was difficult! Em usually workouts out with me on Fridays, but she has a Frisbee tournament this weekend and she didn’t want to be sore for it.

I didn’t run today (I’m in the process of reworking my running schedule) so It was nice to get in a few different forms of cross training, I hope to do more of it now that I can par back my running a bit!


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