Black on Black

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I always see pictures on Pinterest of fashionable women in all white or black, and they look so classy and pulled together. But for some reason I hardly ever find myself donning an outfit in all one color; this one is a happy exception.

It’s worth noting that this is probably my most-complemented outfit ever, which is ironic because I felt lazy doing an all-black ensemble. Maybe it’s  the hat?

Although I did add some color variance with the accessories, the most important aspect to consider when you’re working with one color is texture. Black is a pretty flattering color, but it isn’t intrinsically dynamic; the different textures added that pop of interest.

The top is one I actually picked up from a thrift store for a costume last semester. I didn’t think I would get much use out of it, but I really like the way the lace adds a little something to what would otherwise be a black t-shirt.

The skirt is one of my favorites, and I wear it at least once a week. I love skater skirts because they are girly, flattering, and easy to wear. This particular one has a quilted pattern and a slight sheen to it (as well as an exposed zipper in the back). It’s a staple in my wardrobe because it’s so easy to pair with things, but has some character of it’s own.

The shoes are another thrift store purchase (hello college budget). I love a classic loafer with a twist, in this case a shiny gold color and crocodile skin-texture. They didn’t photograph all that well, but they’re a vibrant color in real life. Although I’m slowly adding heels into my wardrobe, flats are still my shoe of choice.

Because I can’t walk out of the house in just one color, I added the belt and necklace to tie in with the shoes. The necklace is one of my few statement necklaces, and as such gets a fair amount of wear. I should really invest in a few more… The belt is an old one that I’m pretty sure belonged to my mother at some point.

And finally… that hat. It comes with a back story of my firm belief that I was not a hat person (thanks to a truly terrible pinstriped and bedazzled fedora purchase when I was about thirteen). But this Christmas when I was out shopping with a friend, I tried one on in Anthropology and had my eureka moment. You know a friendship is true when she then spends the remainder of the afternoon searching for a reasonably priced version of said hat. I ended up with this Calvin Klein one, which I found at Nordstrom’s Rack (for $40 less than the Anthropology one). I will probably live the rest of my life in debt to my friend for helping to convince me that I can indeed pull off a hat, because I never feel more like a fashion blogger at New York Fashion Week then when I’m wearing this hat.

Anyone else rocking some black on black this season?


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