A Little Dash of French Flair

IMG_1293 IMG_1297 IMG_1307IMG_1286 IMG_1292 IMG_1305This outfit was inspired by the skirt (another skater skirt, I might have a problem…) and the adorable belt. It all kind of came together, and although I didn’t intend to look like France in outfit form, it just happened.

In addition to being my favorite, skater skirts are really in this season and are perfect for summer! They’re light, airy, easy to wear and are universally flattering.

The t-shirt is an insanely comfortable one I picked up from Gap. Horizontal stripes can be intimidating, but anyone can pull them off! The trick is to stick to thin stripes and a looser fit if you’re worried about looking wide.

The accessories are what really make this look. I bought the shoes in Costa Rica a few years ago, the sunglasses are Betsy Johnson (which I picked up for $10 at Marshalls!), and the bold red lip is basically a third accessory. My mom made the only non-red accessory, my necklace, and I love the touch of silver it adds to the look.

I called this outfit “a little dash of French flair” because the colors reminded me of the French flag, and the stripes are so quintessentially Parisian. But it’s far more of an American outfit than a French one! The French (especially Parisians) tend like much more simple, understated looks with muted colors rather than fun, bold ensembles.

What do you think of the look? Where do you get your outfit inspiration from?


2 thoughts on “A Little Dash of French Flair

  1. Your mom made that necklace? Talk about talented! I looove this look on you – the red lip is perfection!



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