Crop Top + Palazzo Pants

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In case you don’t frequent Instagram and/or live on a college campus: crop tops are back in style. Now before anyone freaks out and buys a juice cleanse, there are a million and one ways to pull off a crop top in a flattering way. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Mindy Kaling are rocking them, proving that all shapes can embrace the look.

A quick disclaimer: this is my first foray into the belly-baring world. And while they’re obviously not business meeting appropriate, crop tops can be wonderfully versatile and flattering. They take a bit of getting used to, but hey, one one season in and I already own two…

The crop top-palazzo pants combo is perfect. The top shows a bit of skin, but the pants keep the look daytime appropriate.

I own a few pairs of these fun-colored pants, and have found that they’re incredibly versatile… not to mention comfortable. The material is light and silky, which makes them great for summer, and the patterns adds a dash of excitement to any outfit.

I actually made the crop top myself from a shirt that had shrunk. I chopped off about two inches, and I’m getting much more wear out of it now. It’s stretchy and not too tight, and I’m very comfortable with the amount of skin it shows.

To top off this bohemian/music festival-esque look, I added a stacked necklace and my favorite sandals (previously seen here).

What do you think of the look? Anyone else embracing the crop top and baring some skin this summer?


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