Flower Power

IMG_1495IMG_1490IMG_1473IMG_1489IMG_1476 IMG_1466  IMG_1488 IMG_1464IMG_1480 IMG_1499 IMG_1487 IMG_1483IMG_1496I’ve had this top for a few years and it can be challenging to wear, since it’s patterned and kind of a strange cut. I’ve found it’s one of those items that sits in my closet for a while, but I can’t quite make myself get rid of it. Since nothing says springtime like a floral pattern, I made an effort this season to wear it more!

It’s the perfect match for this skirt (you last saw it here). I promise I don’t only wear skirts, but they are my favorite, especially in the warm weather… ok, so I mostly just wear skirts. But the cut of this one helps establish some shape, which helps to balance out the flowy top.

The booties are probably my favorite part of this look. I got them for my birthday, and I’m in love with the two earth tones; they give a rustic look while still being chic.

Altogether, this outfit is perfect for the transition from spring into summer, when the weather is finally starting to get hot!


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