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IMG_1650IMG_1680 IMG_1652 IMG_1681 (1) IMG_1662 (1)IMG_1658 IMG_1653 So it’s internship season (although not marked on any calendar, I assure you it’s a real thing)! This is the fun time of the year when you leave school for a few months and dip your toes in the famed “real world.”

This is also when that suit you bought for that one thing in your junior year of high school comes out with a vengeance. But I am a firm believer that business wear (especially business-casual) can be so much more than a black suit! Obviously this depends on your field, but I think most industries in this day and age allow for a little more creativity in your office wear.

The deep color and easy pattern of this dress caught my eye in the store. I tend to gravitate to cooler colors, which makes my closet a sea of blue and green, but this dress is a happy exception. The looser fit, high neckline, and covered shoulders keep it work appropriate, but it’s a far cry from boring work wear.

I’m head over heels (get it?) in love with these heeled sandals that I got for a total steal on the site 6pm. Depending on your field, you might not be able to rock open-toed shoes, but these are a great option for less strict dress codes because they’re formal while still being super summery.

If you’re a serial accessories-matcher, this might be a bit out of your comfort zone, because these accessories don’t match so much as they coordinate. When you’re working with basic colors and nudes, you can do a bit of mixing and matching, like a black belt and white clutch. You don’t want to get too crazy for the office scene, but having a bit of fun with accessories helps jazz up a basic work look!

Anyone else getting creative with their workday wardrobe?


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