Lilly Pulitzer + Target

2015-06-07 11.46.492015-06-07 11.43.59 2015-06-07 11.51.332015-06-07 11.44.25 2015-06-07 11.44.08 2015-06-07 11.51.522015-06-07 11.47.532015-06-07 11.49.092015-06-07 11.45.122015-06-07 11.45.22 2015-06-07 11.53.262015-06-07 11.47.02  2015-06-07 11.44.26 2015-06-07 11.48.49A special thanks to my friend Natalie, who took these pictures and is my summertime photographer!

I’ve never been one to camp out in front of the Apple store for the new Iphone and you’ll never find me waking up at three am to go Black Friday shopping, so when I heard that Lilly Pulitzer was doing a collection for Target I figured I’d just peruse it the next time I was there.

Never having heard of the brand before I moved to the South, I was a little surprised when the entire collection had sold out of most stores in a few short hours. I was bummed, but hey, life goes on.

And then Target worked its magic and last week, while shopping for bathing suits, I happened upon (well, actually my mom did) this sole Lilly dress. In my size. This is actually the second time a designer’s dress has appeared in my local Target in my size after everything had been sold out (that post coming soon). Obviously this was fate, so I bought the dress.

The shoes I actually bought years ago while on vacation, the jewelry is my mom’s and the hat is my sister’s (as I am home for less than two months this summer, I didn’t bring much back with me and I’ve been doing a lot of borrowing from those two).

I bought the sunglasses on clearance recently from The Loft, and putting it all together created an outfit of pure summertime glamour!

Anybody else snag something from the Lilly for Target collection?


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