Ice Cream Sunday

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Is it really a summer Sunday if you don’t go get ice cream? Obviously not, so of course I took the photo shoot to our local ice cream stand this past weekend. Turns out you get a few strange looks when you turn up to a busy ice cream place and start posing…

For this look in particular, I need to thank my mother. She gave me the shirt, bought me the bag, and then I *ahem* borrowed her shoes (which btw are amazingly comfortable).

As you might have noticed, I tend to gravitate towards skirts and dresses, but these shorts from The Loft are too adorable to pass up! The socks were a last minute addition, but they added an extra casual element to the look (as well as draw the eye to the amazing shoes), which really pulled it all together.

What do you think of the look?  Anyone else rocking some patterned bottoms this season?


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