Summery Flashback

Field Feild 3 Field 2 DSC_0538 This post is a little different than my others have been. Confession: I do love this dress, but I really just wanted to share some of these pictures. They were taken last year around this time (note the long hair!) by my friend Sam.

The dress is from Modcloth. I bought it a few years ago and I’ve found it to be the perfect spring/summer dress. It’s light, comfortable, and easy to care for. I’ve dressed it up with heels and dressed it down with sandals, and it works either way!

For this particular shoot, I chose to go barefoot because it fit the environment better. I also added pearls (given to me by my grandmother) and small dangling earrings because the look needed a little something else, but it’s a pretty simple summery look!

What do you think of the look? Do you have a favorite warm-weather dress?


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