Summer Days + Strawberry Fields

IMG_0142IMG_0101IMG_0121 IMG_0068IMG_0109IMG_0077 IMG_0056On Thursday, my friend flew in from Florida to spend the weekend with me! We spent Friday exploring my area of Massachusetts and doing a little of everything. Since it’s berry season here in New England, I decided to take her strawberry picking!

We both embraced summer denim, although our looks ended up being quite different. Caroline chose to pair her denim shorts with a light sweater and those amazing sunglasses (she found them at a thrift store in North Carolina), whereas I went for more of a denim on denim ensemble.

To make my chambray top a bit more summer appropriate, I rolled the sleeves and tied the bottom (inspired by a recent post from fashion blogger Kathleen). The key to doing double denim without looking like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001, is to incorporate different shades. In this case, slightly lighter, striped shorts. My sneakers are old ones from Coach, and my necklace used to belong to my mother (it has her initials, which are also my initials, engraved on the back).

We picked a bunch of strawberries, and made a simple dessert with some of them that night (strawberries covered in whipped cream and melted chocolate) and then had some more this morning on our Belgian waffles.

Comment below with any other strawberry recipes– we still have a bunch left!


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