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Last weekend my friend Caroline and I also ventured into Boston for the day (read here for more of Caroline’s visit). We did a bit of shopping, went to Afternoon Tea at the Taj Hotel, and finished the day with Georgetown cupcakes.

The dress code for the day was set by the Afternoon Tea, which required “sophisticated casual” attire. We were left to interpret what exactly “sophisticated casual” was, and ended up in a weekend twist on business casual looks (and were weren’t kicked out of tea, so I guess we got it right…?).

Tea was wonderful (and it was held in the French Room, so it was basically fate). There was a little girl at the table behind us who was there for her birthday; she even had a little tiara!

This is one of my favorite looks I’ve posted so far, and I especially loved shooting around Boston. I’ve had to get a bit creative with my wardrobe this summer, since I didn’t bring too much home with me, but I’m loving the challenge! For this look, everything (with the exception of the skirt and sunglasses) I’ve owned for a while; the statement necklace I actually wore to my junior prom years ago!

To get a look between dressed up and casual, it’s all about the little touches; I buttoned the shirt all the way, but rolled the sleeves and dressed down the more formal skirt with a casual belt (that also happened to tie in with my bag). It’s a look I pulled together last minute the morning of, but I will certainly be wearing it again!

A special thanks to Caroline, for being such a great sport about stopping randomly on the street for a few impromptu photoshoots!


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