Romper + Exploring

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Hardly two weeks into life in Australia and I’m already sick of all the clothing I brought (packing light is the worst). So in an attempt to remedy my closet blues, I decided it was time for a little flashback outfit post! I have a few of these saved up, so enjoy them over the next few weeks as I attempt to ration them!

For this shoot, we went to the center of my town, where the town hall, library and the old elementary school are located. I went to that school for first grade, but then the new school opened and we all moved there. The old school is boarded up now, so it was cool to explore around it (getting my urban explorer on).

This look is a bit edgier than some of my others, and I love the way that this location plays into that!

I adore this little romper; it was my first-ever romper purchase, and has nice bow details in addition to being made of ultra-comfy jersey material. The faux-leather jacket is a Target purchase, and I’ve found it to be super versatile (check it out here as well). When playing with pattern, you can get away with mixing, like the romper and the wristlet, as long as neither pattern is particularly overwhelming. Both the bag and the romper have a small pattern in relatively the same colors, so they complement rather than clash.

Those sunglasses have become a staple in my life, especially now that I’m in Australia where the Ozone doesn’t exist. They just seem to go with everything!

I love the detail of this necklace. Harry Potter fans might recognize it as a time turner, but even if you don’t know what it is from, it’s a cool piece and different from anything else I own.

Anyone else like mixing up their look from time to time? 


4 thoughts on “Romper + Exploring

  1. I have that same romper in the daisy print! It looks amazing on you and I love how you added those booties.


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