Romper Round Two

2015-07-06 16.44.58 2015-07-06 16.46.482015-07-06 16.47.312015-07-06 16.50.39photocat22015-07-06 16.50.27  … Or should I say playsuit? Romper, playsuit, onsie, jumpsuit– whatever you call it, I’m in love. Rompers (sorry, Australia, but it’ll always be “romper” to me) are not only the greatest for looking put together with minimal effort, but are also the best to travel with! This one from Old Navy is perfectly slouchy with a bright, bold print that I was immediately drawn to.

I paired it with these blue flats (also Old Navy), and layered a few necklaces to complete the look. Recently, my mother cleaned out her jewelry and I got some really cool hand-me downs (see if you can spot another of her necklaces here). For some reason I never really buy myself much jewelry, so it was nice to get a few pieces from her to add to my collection!

The bag I actually stole from Natalie. She was using it as a camera bag, and I thought it was adorable and really pulled the look together, so I grabbed it for the shoot.

Thanks everyone for bearing with me through the changes on the blog! I shot this look before I left, but I really enjoyed going through the images and blogging about it this week! I miss my normal outfit posts and I hope to do more while here in Australia, but time seems to be flying by already!


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