Traveling on a Student Budget

11927455_421858591331148_4951014142477395152_oIt’s been a while since my last post! Sorry guys, but while everyone stateside was just picking up their books, over here we’re closing in on mid-term time and my workload reflects that! I’ve got a few posts in the works, but I thought I’d post a few quick thoughts about traveling on the cheap. Study abroad is, in a word, expensive. 

  1. Use your student ID. So many places– from yoga classes to movie theaters–offer concession prices. It never hurts to ask! I got into every national monument for free or a super discounted price when I was in Paris because I was under 18, and it easily saved me over $100.
  2. Meals don’t have to come from restaurants. I’ve brought peanut butter sandwiches with me on weekend trips and hit up grocery stores for a cheap lunch of bread, cheese and fruit. Even substituting out one meal a day can save you lots of money overall. Restaurants are rarely the cheapest option.
  3. Take advantage of free. There are so many wonderful, free things to do. Sometimes just wandering around a city and letting yourself get lost is the best way to experience the place! Most cities will have at least a few free museums, botanical gardens, or walking tours.
  4. Travel in packs. I’m a huge fan of solo travel, but sometimes traveling in a large group can be much cheaper. Renting an Airbnb between four people can be a cheaper option than getting a hostel, and splitting a taxi is always cheaper than taking your own!
  5. Public transport is your friend. On the taxi note… don’t take one! Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but public transport is cheaper and can even be easier. Of course, walking will always be the most economical way to get around, and bonus points for getting to see more of your destination!

What are your tips for traveling on the cheap?


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