Polka Dots + Pretty Flowers

2015-06-07 12.09.382015-06-07 12.08.27 2015-06-07 12.05.222015-06-07 12.18.042015-06-07 12.06.312015-06-07 12.07.28 2015-06-07 12.19.522015-06-07 12.08.21 2015-06-07 12.14.54 2015-06-07 12.11.47I’ve had this post sitting in the archives for a while, and I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to share it, as it’s one of my favorite shoots so far! Special thanks to Natalie for being my camera woman!

I love the character of this location– the colors, the peeling paint, the landscaping– it all came together in such a beautiful way. When I found this building nestled in the middle of a local college campus, I immediately knew I wanted to shoot here (confession: I have a weakness for beautifully painted Victorian houses).

I seem to have fantastic luck at shopping the designer collections in Target. Similarly to this dress, I was in Target a few years ago and just happened onto this fantastic Jason Wu for Target dress— and at $10 I couldn’t say no! It was the only piece from the collection there and it happened to be in my size: definitely fate.

I’ve gotten a lot of wear from this dress; throw on some flats and you’re ready for class, slip on a nice heel and you’re internship appropriate! Although the skirt is on the shorter side, you can make it work-appropriate by buttoning the dress all the way to the top (I wear it with the top two buttons undone as well!).

I accessorized simply with black and silver accents, letting the dress be the main event. I’ve had everything in this look for a while, except those great bracelets— I stole those from my mother (what can I say? Fashion must run in the family)! Those colorful flowers are basically another accessory, as well as a happy coincidence. As a teacher my mother often gets flowers at the end of the school year, and our house was filled with beautiful arrangements, so I just had to steal some for this shoot.

I aspire to be one of those people who picks up bouquets from the farmer’s market and always has a vase or two of fresh flowers arranged in their house. I currently lack a proper farm’s market and the disposable income to do so, but hey, a girl can dream!


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