Bare Feet + Palm Trees

2015-10-27 06.36.47photocat2015-10-27 06.37.10Beach2015-10-27 06.44.062015-10-27 06.40.06Special thanks to my friend Nina, who shot this look for me!

Finally, an Australia outfit post! The look is a bit more laid back from what I tend to gravitate towards– but what can you expect when you live ten minutes from miles of beautiful beaches?

I found this white Asos dress in a second hand store here, and snapped it up for $6. Thank you, thrift shopping! I love the detailing, and the light shift layer under the dress keeps the cut outs from showing too much skin. I’ve wanted a boho robe for a while now, and this black and white fringed beauty is perfect! The bold pattern and fringe make it fun, but the monochromatic color scheme keeps it versatile. It’s perfectly slouchy, like the summer version of an oversized sweater!

Australians are not big on shoes, and seeing as I was at the beach my outfit didn’t include any. You’ve seen the sunglasses before (here and here) and the ring I bought in Byron Bay– I have a serious thing for simple, low maintenance jewelry. My lovely friend Caroline (you met her this summer) sent me this compass bracelet and it could not be more perfect– simple, beautiful, and it’s not a struggle to put on! As Caroline explained, the compass design is a standing reminder that no matter what life throws at you, you can find your way through. Is that not beautiful?

Although I’ve been missing fall and everything that comes with it (pretty leaves, comfy sweaters) I do love that we’re only just now headed into summer in Australia!

So… Anyone else rocking white after labor day?


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