Winter + Beach Days


Special thanks to Caroline for these pictures!

Apparently I have a strong love of Boston Logan International Airport, because a mere week after I landed back in the country after five months abroad, I was back on a plane and headed to Jacksonville, Florida. This trip was a quick but lovely few days to visit a friend (you might remember her from last summer). We traipsed around the Jacksonville area, shopping, brunching, and throwing in a few beach walks for good measure.

I have a growing thing for hats; there’s just nothing that completes a look like the perfect headwear– bonus points for flawlessly covering a bad hair day!

This particular one tops off the perfect look for a breezy day by the shore and breaks up the blue that runs throughout this outfit. The top is a new favorite of mine, bought in a night market in Taiwan while I was abroad. It has lovely detailing and looks great tucked into my favorite skirts.

It’s been a particular challenge to create new outfits with the small wardrobe I have, as most of my clothes are currently waiting for me in North Carolina. Dealing with a small closet for six months has certainly proved to me that I am not a capsule wardrobe-type person!



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