Winter + Crop Tops


When I moved into my apartment last month I rediscovered an ASOS crop top that I had bought at the end of last year. It arrived about a week before I packed my life up and put it in storage for nine months, so I didn’t really have the chance to wear the top.

Winter in North Carolina ranges considerably; I’ve gone on 6am runs this past month in 15 degree weather, and then two weeks later welcomed new sisters into my sorority on a bright, 70 degree day. So throwing on a cardigan over a crop top and leggings under a skirt makes the outfit surprisingly winter-appropriate for milder winter days.

I capped the look off with a hat. If it looks familiar, it’s because I now own two of the same hats in different colors (#noregrets). A felt hat is the easiest way to tie a look together and kick it up a style notch!


Photographer: Katie Condon

Hat: Old Navy — Top: ASOS — Cardigan: Nordstroms — Skirt: Urban Outfitters  — Booties: Sperry Topsider



4 thoughts on “Winter + Crop Tops

  1. I lovvvve playing around with hats! (It’s a running joke at my uni that everyone who wears a baseball cap is american though haha). Crop tops are so much fun to dress up in winter! I love converting summer clothes to winter essentials 🙂
    xx, Pia


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