The Weekender

2016-03-31 21.25.03

In the off chance you haven’t yet noticed via my other posts, my style tends on the side of business casual. What can I say? I love a dash of polish in an outfit! So when I finally got a pair of faded boyfriend jeans (I know, I’m crazy late to the party) my immediate thought was to pair them with a bit of structure to create a versatile weekend– or casual weekday– look.

2016-03-31 21.15.542016-03-31 21.26.03-22016-03-31 21.28.06

Is there ever an inappropriate time for a topknot? (hint: no).

2016-03-31 21.13.482016-03-31 21.30.59-2

It’s the little details that make this outfit interesting, like the peplum on the back of my blazer, or a statement necklace just peeking out from my shirt. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that pull your outfit together and take it from meh to marvelous.

2016-03-31 21.33.392016-03-31 21.23.232016-03-31 21.17.172016-03-31 21.28.092016-03-31 21.16.11

I can’t tell you how long I’ve searched for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Distressed jeans are not always the most flattering, especially in a slouchy cut, so a good pair is hard to find! These jeans are perfectly distressed to elongate the legs rather than widen them, and they cuff to the ideal length.

I love playing with the ‘dress code’ of an outfit by dressing down formal pieces and dressing up casual ones. For this look, I tucked my shirt in, but rolled the sleeves; cuffed the pants but wore heels.Cuffing is clearly the theme of the day– I cuffed my pants, my blazer, and my shirt! It’s the best way to show off your accessories, like those killer wedges. Every time I wear them I get compliments!

As we roll into the warmer weather, I’ve been relying on layers to get me through the days of changing temperature. My other secret? Warm-weather, open-toed shoes! They keep your whole body much cooler than boots without exposing too much skin on chilly mornings.

Photographer: Jenna Rohde

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Blazer: Ark & Co. — Top: American Eagle  — Jeans: GAP — Shoes: American Rag Cie — Bag: Urban Outfitters — Earrings: Modcloth — Bracelet: Tiffany and Co.



One thought on “The Weekender

  1. You have an incredibly creative ability to put together a classic but updated style! Love the casualness and comfort that accompanies this business flair!


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