Sustainably Stylish


Last week, my friend Natalie and I ventured into Boston for the day to try a zero gravity yoga class. For those who don’t know, zero gravity (or aerial) yoga is like a cross between yoga and circus-ribbon work. It involves a stretchy  hammock, a willingness to get upside-down and a lot of  ab work!

Afterwards we shed our workout leggings, enjoyed the city, and met another friend for dinner and dessert!


And did you check out the arm candy? Not just the cuff, but my new Fitbit! At the risk of sounding cheesy, your health is your best accessory. I’m obsessed with tracking my steps, minutes of physical activity, and sleep, so I never take it off!


Recently, I’ve learned a bit more about fashion’s impact on the environment (it’s the second biggest polluter!) and I’ve vowed to do better to make my own wardrobe more sustainable. While “sustainable fashion” may conjure up visions of shapeless, brown hemp dresses, there are any number of ways to make your closet a bit greener without sacrificing style.

Take this Earth-friendly outfit: everything I’m wearing (with the exception of the clutch and Fitbit) is somehow sustainable, whether second hand or made from recycled material!


Thrift shopping is a surprisingly easy way to shop sustainably, and it’s as much of an art form as it is luck. I recently picked up these amazing, like-new, mint colored Chinese Laundry heels for $2, and I once found a Dolce and Gabbana coat for $35. The trick is to go in with a narrow idea of what type of item you’re looking for, but an open mind to what you might find.

Thrift shopping can be frustrating– like when you find the perfect item two sizes too small– but you find the best and most unique garments. And bonus: it prolongs the life of clothing, which is a great way to be more sustainable!


I stuck to mostly neutral colors, but this look is anything but monotone! I adore the mint of the shoes contrasted against the coral in the necklace. For anyone not already aboard the crop top/high-waisted bottoms train, buy a ticket already! It’s one of my favorite looks right now, whether with patterned palazzo pants or a floral skirt. Never be afraid to play with length or color in a look– fashion’s all about taking risks!

Photographer: Natalie Robinson

Top: Bardot — Skirt: Filo — Shoes: Chinese Laundry — Necklace: Gift — Sunglasses: Loft — Clutch: Jenny Boston — Cuff: Gift


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