Fashion Week FoMO

I’ll be honest: spending the summer in New York makes it waaay harder to watch Fashion Week from afar this year. So I’m taking a virtual trip to the city that never sleeps and rounding up some of my favorite moments so far.

#1 Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger debuted his See Now Buy Now carnival this year!! Two exclamation points are necessary– because this is the future of fashion. Seriously. See Now Buy Now is showing a line that is immediately available for purchase. Back in the day, it was only buyers who went to fashion shows; they chose what they wanted for the stores and six months later it’s on the shelves. That doesn’t work so well in the age of instant gratification and celebrities Instagraming from the front row. The concept is deceptively simple, but much hard to execute– enter Tommy Hilfiger.

When your fashion show involves a 40 foot ferris wheel, you know you’ve made it.

#2 Veronica Beard

Leave it to Veronica Beard to epitomize my two favorite things: champagne and shoes. Their Madison Ave boutique- turned apartment was an ode to Americana with a throwback vibe. As the refrigerator of shoes might suggest, the event was full of whimsy and fun. (And P.S. I want every piece in this collection.)

#3 Opening Ceremony
Fashion + politics = Opening Ceremony. International flags in the background and an Olympics Games vibe topped off the bold colors and stripes that owned the runway. But the real showstopper was the emphasis on the upcoming election, with a “tribute to the democratic process” in the program. Rounding off their self-named pageant (not fashion show) was a host of celebrities, including Whoopi Goldberg and Claire Danes.

#4 Zac Posen

I just love him. But more importantly, this video is mesmerizing. I think his work is beautiful, and I met him covering a red carpet this summer and he was a super sweet human. So ten points to Zac Posen.

#5 Lela Rose

A show that combines fashion and food? Yes, please! The Lela Rose show this year featured not only a line of stunning high-tea worthy garments, but a luncheon as well. Her flowing, romantic dresses are everything I’ve ever wanted in life, but the real prize of the day were the hand embroidered napkins… oh, and the take-home biscotti.


If there’s anything to be learned from NYFW this year, it’s that fashion has relevance and substance beyond svelte models in pretty clothes. From politics to technology, fashion is keeping up and getting involved. All I can say is see you next year (in person, of course), Fashion Week!


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