White After Labor Day


There are so many fashion rules out there hanging on from your grandmother’s (or great grandmother’s) time. Believers will try to tell you that white is a summer color and therefore should not be worn after labor day. You know the type; they’re the one’s who say no to dessert and ask about the practicality of your shoes.

Trust me, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


This little white jumpsuit has a special place in my heart because it was designed, patterned and made by me, for me (even the little bralette!). The goal was a 70’s-inspired jumpsuit that was comfortable and easy to wear. It’s made of white denim and all the yellow pieces are detachable, so I can throw some bleach on it, if need be! Practicality cannot be overstated.


The back is my favorite part of this look. I wanted it to be as open as possible, since the front is so high. That bralette was a last minute addition, when I realized that the top either needed to be a lot more fitted, or I had to add a little more coverage. Sewing is nothing if not a learning process!


Playing off the jumpsuit inspo, my hair and makeup is subtly retro. I slicked it back and let my natural curls do their thing. A candy pink lip contrasted the edgy leather jacket and earring cuff to complete the vintage badass (is that a thing?) look.


There is nothing in this world I love more than things that are both chic and comfortable (especially if those things have pockets big enough to fit an iPhone). This white denim jumpsuit is both, and surprising versatile. I wore it to formal last year, and to class this fall. Neutral platform heels seamlessly extend my legs without distracting from the jumpsuit– combine that with a belt a the waist and you have a recipe for legs for days. The whole look is a little bit edgy, a little bit retro, and a lot glam.

Photography: Joe Del Vecchio

Jumpsuit: Me! — Jacket: Modcloth — Shoes: GirlXpress–Necklace: Old (probably stolen from my mom) —Earrings: Lovisa


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