Prim + Preppy


There’s no denying that fall means hot tea, sweaters, and endless merlot (I’m talking about the color, of course ;)). I love transitional seasons, becuase it gives me free range of my wardrobe– summer skirts and winter sweaters! Denim and breezy blouses! The opportunities to delve into my closet and layer to my content are infinite.


My favorite fall color? Merlot (aka oxblood or burgundy). This deep wine red is the perfectly warm and classic hue for autumn. Match that color with a pair of booties– my personal favorite footwear– and you have a perfectly wearable fall look!  I’ve been wearing these Boden beauties everywhere.


Simple accessories– like this necklace from Cynthia Rowley– tie the whole look together without overcrowding it. When working with multiple collars, varying the necklines of your accessories is crucial.


As I mentioned briefly in this post, I’m working towards creating a more sustainable wardrobe. This cashmere sweater by Naadam is a step in the right direction. They directly source their cashmere, giving a fairer price to the farmers and cutting out the middle men. Bonus: it layers perfectly with this light pink Lou and Grey collared shirt!


North Carolina is only just now cooling off, but I’m already keeping this look in mind for the holiday season.  There’s just something about a cozy sweater and high heels that begs to be worn over the holidays!


Photography: Jenna Rohde
(follow her on Instagram!)

Cinematography: Hannah Sullivan


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