Twirling into 2017


Of all the holidays, NYE is the most fun to dress for. While the actual holiday does not rank top of my list, the outfit possibilities definitely do (for the record: I don’t have any problems with toasting in the new year; I do have problems with the state of the gym post-new years). For me, the holiday is a chance to dress up to my heart’s content.


When dressing for NYE my first thought is to add a bit sparkle (to be fair, that’s always my first thought), but this year I wanted to do something more unexpected than the classic sequined dress. I got this amazing tulle skirt for Christmas, and it became the inspiration for my NYE outfit! I’ve styled it with the holiday in mind, but it’s also great for a date night.


This midi tulle skirt makes me feel like I’m playing dress-up, which I adore, but a structured white top grounds the look. Of course, I couldn’t help but add a little sparkle in the necklace and clutch!


No proper evening look is complete without a bold lip and fabulous earrings, like these Kate Spade bar studs. Classic, simple earrings have been my recent obsession. I echoed the sparkle of the earrings in the glittery, bronzy hue of my eyeshadow for the perfect dash of NYE shine.


The shoes are the final touch. I live for suede heels, and when I saw these strappy Vince Camuto beauties it was love at first sight. A chunky heel is my secret weapon for all day comfort, even in heels as tall as these!


In my ideal life, I’m the kind of person who regularly attends operas, and there’s something about a tulle skirt and fabulous shoes that makes me feel one step closer to being that person. So whether or not you’re out on NYE, let your first outfit of 2017 reflect your own personal #lifegoals!


Photography: Natalie Robinson

Location: Boston


5 thoughts on “Twirling into 2017

  1. I love this post, sparkles and bright lips are my favourite! I’ve been living in block heels recently too, I understand the comfort! Great post, I think it’s lovely to try out a new style, especially with coming into the new year! Why not?


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