Minimalist Vibes


If I’ve earned the title of minimalist, it’s only out of sheer laziness. While I believe Coco Chanel was onto something when she advised taking one accessory off before leaving the house, I generally do the exact opposite. Nothing makes me feel more Parisian than minimalism, though. And we all know how much I love the Parisians.


I proclaimed my love of the crop top many a time (also here and here) because not only is it so in right now, but it highlights your waist in an oh-so-flattering way. A mock turtleneck crop top offers coverage up top and artist-length slacks elongate your legs; throw a long blazer over it and you have a polished belly-baring look.


Chic is in the details. From these amazing bar earrings and simple necklace to the draped blazer, the little bits elevate the look. I chose a bold lip and classic mint-colored heels to add a touch of flair to my minimalist color scheme. The slate gray blazer is a no-fail addition to the look. I’ve always been a fan of draping my jackets, but this season it’s become the way to wear outerwear. I’m not complaining!


Vaguely beatnik inspired, this look has all the right details to bring it into the 21st century. So go ahead– flaunt your minimalist side.

Photography: Joe Del Vecchio


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