Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day, darlings! While we all know the real holiday is February 15th, when the candy goes on sale, Valentine’s day is still a welcome relief from the February Funk. It’s a chance to dress as romantically as my heart wants, which honestly is the real dream.


My valentine has got to be this tulle skirt; it is the twirly, girly, chic garment of my dreams. Although a decidedly bold addition to your wardrobe, a tulle skirt in a neutral color is easy to pair with anything from a button up shirt for the office or a slinky tank (like this one!) for date night.


Red is, of course, classic on Valentine’s day. I chose this scoop neck top for my pop of Valentine’s day spirit to balance out the fullness of the skirt. Playing with proportions is key to keeping a look classy and timeless.


I kept the accessories simple– my favorite box clutch has made an appearance, as well as some new, strappy heels. Everything is in shades of white, black, or pink so as not to overwhelm the look with too much bright red.


Chokers are fairly new game for me. I like the ’90s vibe and playful spirit, but a classic black choker can be a harsh addition to your look. A flirty version, like this lace one, is as on-trend as it is girly.


In case it’s not obvious from the pictures, I had a great time shooting this look– with the help of a festive prop! There’s something about a balloon that makes you feel like you’re a kid again, and I’m all about it.


Photography: Jenna Rohde
(follow her on Instagram!)


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