New York Fashion Week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not the holiday season. Better. It’s New York Fashion Week!

Once again, I’m holding down the fort here in North Carolina and not gracing the snowy streets of New York (sigh). I have been to exactly one fashion show in my life–during Men’s Fashion Week this past summer–and I covered the event as a part of my internship. It was life changing.

So this week I’m ~struggling~ through these 70 degree North Carolina winter days and rounding up some of my favorite shows, trends, and street styles as found on my favorite app in the entire world: Instagram. With a couple of these tips in your pocket, 2017 is going to be a stylish breeze.

La Perla

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Welcome to the lingerie  brand of my dreams. They somehow always nail the balance between sexy and classy to create delicate and sophisticated garments. (Side note: fellow blogger Kathleen of Kat’s Fashion Fix was backstage for the show, and I died a little out of sheer jealousy.)

Lesson Learned: With sexy, less is more. Go for the black lace and barely-there bodice, but keep that hemline floor length. Balance, y’all, it’s the key to life.

Pamella Roland

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F/W17 #pamellaroland #nyfw

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Pamella Roland got it right with this piece. There is nothing I love more than a good cape; it’s the perfect outerwear for spring, when the weather continually fluctuates. A cape attached to a burgundy, pleated mini dress? Yes, please! The built-in choker situation has quickly become the new, It neckline. If you’re not ready to commit to it in dress form, you can always DIY a vintage T for the look.

Lesson Learned: Two lessons here. 1) Oxblood continues on as fashion’s favorite color. 2) The choker trend isn’t going anywhere, but it’s certainly getting more creative.


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Sock game: Level 💯 Regram @nordstromeaston

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With Valentine’s day falling smack in the middle of Fashion Week, the temptation to ignore the holiday altogether can be strong. After all, what’s less fashionable than the bright-red, heart-covered Valentine’s Day version of an ugly Christmas sweater? Crocs, probably. Take a leaf out of Bonobos‘ book, though, and pair your Valentine’s day flair of color with a classic shoe and cuffed slacks. So much better than crocs.

Lesson Learned: You can be in the holiday spirit and be the best dressed person at Fashion Week by mixing your dressy staples with fun details.

Tanya Taylor

I’m a sucker for a garment that you can twirl in, so obviously this beaut. caught my attention. I love the shine– after all, why should New Years get all the fun? The princess seams on this Tanya Taylor dress give it structure (and peep that touch of burgundy in the fur detailing!).

Lesson Learned: You’re never too old to dress up like a princess. Fashion should be fun!


Not strictly fashion, but this color blocked lip look is popping up at Fashion Week, and I’m all about it. The secret to looking pulled together with minimal effort is a good, bold lip, and this two-toned look takes your makeup to a whole other level. While it looks avant garde and high fashion, this lip is pretty simple– the trick is sticking to colors in the same palette.

Lesson Learned: Fashion is about more than just what you wear; let your makeup add to your look!

Now, someone go get me a t-shirt that says “I’d rather be at fashion week.”

Note: I partnered with Bonobos on this post to feature some men’s/unisex fashion tips, but as always, all opinions are my own!


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