Je Ne Sais Quoi


If there’s one thing you should all know about me by now, it’s that I adore all things French. The bread, the language, the cheese, the wine, the style– I’m in love with everything. There’s a reason they’re known as some of the most fashionable of us all; the French aren’t big into loud colors or patterns. Instead, they tend to be on the timeless, classic side of fashion, which I drew inspiration from for this little video.


A classic look is all about quality basics. Perfectly distressed boyfriend jeans, chic nude wedges, and the quintessentially French striped top are closet staples you’ll love for years. But basic doesn’t mean boring! Taking fashion risks and adding unexpected extras, like this structured hat or the wonderfully blanket-like cape (it’s not a poncho, mom), elevate your look. If there’s one thing the French are not, it’s self conscious. So let’s take a little walk on the French side, shall we?


Cinematography: Emmie Potter


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