Professionally Chic


Professional looks are often just so blah. Cardigans over blouses, black boxy suits, khaki slacks… yawn. It’s like we all got together and decided that to be professional means to be the most boring version of yourself. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can play by the rules and still have a bit of fun.


I found this suede skirt while thrift shopping, and I knew I needed it. It’s both playful and– because of the length– ultra work appropriate. I paired it with an off-the-shoulder top to balance out the length of the skirt. The trick to rocking a statement piece is to contrast it with simple garments that have their own subtle flair.


If you’re worried that ditching the suit means ditching the professional vibe, stick to a neutral color palette. Strappy heels, like these Vince Camuto stunners, elevate (excuse the pun) your office style while elongating your legs.

The neutrals extend to my makeup, which I kept fresh and light. For once in my life, I forewent a bold lip. And I gotta say, I loved the subtlety.


I kept my jewelry minimal for this look and stuck to gold (and a little bit of rose gold, because who can resist?). I like the contrast of shapes I’ve got going between the circle necklace and the bar earrings. These Kate Spade beauties are my obsession at the moment; with a minimalist shape and a dash of rhinestone bling they’re the perfect finishing touch.


This whole look was inspired by the skirt, which– despite looking simple– is actually a pretty challenging piece. Because it’s knee length, high waisted and a thick material, it has the tendency to overwhelm an outfit. My first thought was to pair it with a t-shirt, but it looked too conservative and boring. Then I tried a crop top, but that wasn’t right either. Just when I was starting to regret my thrifted purchase, I found a little hidden gem in my closet (from middle school, if you can believe it!). All the skirt needed was an off the shoulder top and killer heels!

So go ahead, take a few risks and spice up your office wardrobe.


Photography: Abbey Maloney


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