Bright Lights, Big City

So… I have some big news…IMG_6562

I’ve moved!

Yup, I officially graduated, loaded up my car, drove to NYC, and hiked all my possessions up six flights of stairs. Isn’t being young glamorous?


Now I do New Yorker things like go running in Central Park before work and roll my eyes at lost tourists who can’t figure out the subway. Living down south for the last four years was an adventure, but I’m beyond thrilled to be back north. I like life to move a bit quicker, ya know?


I shot this look in my new neighborhood with fellow blogger Kathleen of Kat’s Fashion Fix. We caught the very end of golden hour, which (if it’s possible) made the city even prettier.


Look mom, I made a friend already!


Here’s a pro tip for living the fashionable life on the cheap: get shopaholic friends. My dear friend Natalie, who knew me in middle school and yet still voluntarily hangs out with me, has fantastic style and a love of shopping. She let me rifle through some of the clothes she was giving away and I made out. Both the shirt and the belt came from Natalie’s closet.


This skirt’s an old Urban Outfitters favorite. I wear it practically every other day, and I have exactly zero regrets about that.


Generally my jewelry looks are pretty minimal, but that goes double for the summer. A small bit of sparkle and my trusty rings are all I need for the warmer months. That, and my Fitbit. (Because let’s all be honest, the steps don’t count unless you track them).


So while I won’t be adding “believably hails cabs in photographs” to my resume, I am adding that NYC address!


Photography: Kathleen Harper


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