IMG_3435I’m Danielle, a college student from New England. I’m the kind of person who wears heels to class and dresses as though I may be invited to high tea at the Plaza Hotel at any moment. My hobbies are much like those of an elderly lady: sewing, baking, and tea– yes, tea can be classified as a hobby. I’m a beauty product junky, vegetarian, and runner (I just ran my first marathon!).

Welcome to my little nugget of the internet, where you can follow my quest to figure out my style and learn how to dress like a “grown-up” before I graduate college (yikes!). I live in the space in between fast fashion and high fashion; as much as I adore Kate Spade and Stella McCartney, my college student status means that my wardrobe is largely thrifted and gifted. The little designer I do own usually comes to me second hand, and as a lover of the environment, I couldn’t be more pleased with giving clothing a second life! While I don’t believe in boxing my style in, my look can best be described as Sophisticated Casual.  So grab a cup of tea and stay a while!

Current location: North Carolina


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